Welcome to The Political Bridge. Thanks for stopping by.

Let’s start off with what this blog is not. It is not another Democratic site dedicated to figuring out what happened in November. It is not a blog dedicated to condemning Donald Trump (that territory certainly is well covered elsewhere). It is not a blog dedicated to chastising people for a mistake that they made with their vote (or non-vote).

Here is what it is: An effort to promote dialog that makes it likely that Democrats who voted for Trump, voted for a third party candidate or stayed home will vote Democratic in 2018, 2020 and beyond.

The only way to do this is through better communications. Condemnation, condensation and sarcasm will fail.

There has been a tremendous amount of analysis about Trump’s victory. One takeaway is that many people voted once or twice for Barack Obama voted for Trump. That’s a big deal.

Hillary Clinton did far worse than Obama in suburban and rural areas. Another big deal. Though she ended up getting about the same number of total votes as Obama (less than 71,000 fewer out of about 130.7 million cast.

It also is clear that almost all urban Democrats and the experts (who almost all also are urban Democrats themselves) were truly clueless that this even was possible.

At the same time, it’s pretty clear that Democrats do more for the middle class then Republicans. Soon after the inauguration, for instance, something will happen to Obamacare. It is unclear precisely what it will be – but it will be bad. The issue will come down to whether the mean/crazy faction, the just-crazy faction or the just-mean faction win the battles within the GOP.

The bottom line? Because Democrats have little power, everyone’s premiums are going to explode, lots of people will lose their insurance and benefits are going to be cut, perhaps drastically. And people will die.

None of this is news to those paying attention. It’s also, as I wrote above, not the topic of this blog, though it is part of the landscape. What we seek to establish is a very small avenue of communications between those who on one hand are open to Democratic candidates and on the other feel bypassed enough to enable a bottom feeder such as Donald Trump.

I have been a writer/editor for many years. One of my first publishers was a guy I didn’t like much. But he said one thing that has stuck with me ever since: Any new publication (and now website) is doomed if what it is about can’t be explained in one sentence. So here it is: He Political Bridge aims to encourage constructive and civil communications between people who voted for Clinton and Democrats who are so disenfranchised that they didn’t vote, voted for a third party or for Trump.