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Ready for Some Good News?

February 18, 2017 CarlHW 0

And now, finally, for some good news. From the broadest landscape, the biggest structural shift between the Obama administration and what so far has transpired under Donald Trump is that last administration faced an opposition Congress […]

democratic strategy

12 Thoughts About #Resistance to Trump

February 11, 2017 CarlHW 2

There are many things that can be done to slow down the Trump machine. Many of them are fairly simple and direct. The key is to keep them in mind as you navigate your day. […]

democratic strategy

It’s Chuck Schumer Time

January 30, 2017 CarlHW 0

Thank you, Mr. Trump. A traditional republican president would have done many of the things that Trump is doing. The Keystone Pipeline would have been resurrected, he (and since we are talking about the Republicans, that […]

democratic strategy

Resistance is Not Futile

January 27, 2017 CarlHW 0

We knew on November 8 that the Democrats in Congress would be weak. It is striking to see it in action, however. The only real power they have is in the Senate, where they will cause […]