A Strange Day — And a Ray of Hope

January 11, 2017 CarlHW 0

Yesterday may have been one of the oddest days in American political history.  The Attorney General-designate, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, spent a good chunk of his confirmation hearing trying to convince us that he is not a raging […]


The Obamacare is About to Hit the Fan

January 5, 2017 CarlHW 2

The next few weeks will be among the most important for the 115th Congress and the Trump presidency. The Republicans have spent the past seven or so years screaming about the evils of ACA. Some […]


Obamacare Saves Lives

January 3, 2017 CarlHW 0

Discussion of ACA – Obamacare – is a bit convoluted because there are different categories. There is the Medicaid expansion, folks who get subsidies and those who make enough money that they don’t qualify (congratulations). […]