12 Thoughts About #Resistance to Trump

Many ways to fight Donald Trump are not difficult

There are many things that can be done to slow down the Trump machine. Many of them are fairly simple and direct. The key is to keep them in mind as you navigate your day.

This post initially appeared at Daily Kos. It was written by Snout and is re-posted with permission. (Image: Ted Eytan)

No- so-random thoughts for the day:

1. Don’t let anyone tell you that protest is “slacktivism.” We ARE making a difference.  Don’t let up. Not an inch.

2. The above said, whenever possible do remember to mix in some real-world activism with the marching, blogging, and yelling into Facebook. Encourage others to do the same without shaming them (or yourself) for not doing enough.  Every little bit helps.

3. Whenever possible, move away from personally-satisfying statements of outrage and mockery, and towards arguments that will drive a wedge between Trump and his voters. Think like they do. Remind them of his failures from their perspective ( i.e: not going to bring them back their coal jobs, gonna uninsure them, etc…).

4. The one argument even his most ardent supporters will grudgingly acknowledge is that his management style has been chaotic and his personal behavior has been erratic. Make that argument every chance you get.

5. Turn his language against him. If it worked on his voters once, it’ll work again. Use words like “disaster” (i.e: #TrumpDisaster).

6. Don’t let anyone write off the protests as sore-loserism. Point out that we DID have a peaceful transfer of power, despite the very-real concerns about foreign and domestic intelligence interference in the process.

7. If someone suggests that the Presidency deserves respect — tell them that you’ll respect him when he respects the office.

8. Never stop mentioning his tax returns.

9. Never stop mentioning his failure to divest his businesses.  If someone tries to excuse it, ask them how we as a country should react when the first soldier dies in a country where he has holdings.

10. Ask yourself every day, “how can I help Democratic activists living in the red states?” They have all of our futures in their hands — and many of them work tirelessly. They are almost always completely outgunned, and we sometimes put them in a bind, expecting them to turn the whole culture surrounding them around on our blue-state terms.

11. Realize that the larger issue isn’t this administration.  The GOP had already opted out of the project of governance before he ran.  The issue is our almost complete lack of meaningful representation in the current government.  We are the majority.  We collectively pay a huge part of the tax burden in this nation.  Taxation without representation caused our last revolution.  Don’t hesitate to make this point loudly and often.

12.  Most importantly…wherever we can’t change their hearts and minds — we come after the hearts and minds of their kids.

That’s enough for now.


  1. I really enjoyed this piece. Lot of good advice here. I enjoy the Quick Takes accompanying the article, especially the Stephen Miller comments. What insight. Love the suggestion about his taxes, we here in this household have said that to many people.

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