Defunding Sanctuary Cities Not a Clear Administration Response

The response could be stopping or slowing the flow of funds to DC

ABC News asked Donald Trump about the administration’s options on sanctuary cities:

“I don’t want to defund anybody. I want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or a state,” Trump said. “If they’re going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly that would be a weapon.


“We give tremendous amounts of money to California,” Trump said. “Obviously the voters agree or otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for me.”

There are two problems. The obvious one, of course, is that Trump lost California by a wide margin. He obviously was referring to the election as a whole, but the quote makes him look silly.

More importantly is the fact that that states and the cities within them send a tremendous amount of money to Washington. Defunding or reducing federal assistance wouldn’t be a one-way street. It echoes Trump’s threats to Mexico: Somehow penalizing Mexico by an imports as punishment for not paying for the wall wouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Mexico would have various ways to retaliate.

(Image: Burzum)

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