democratic strategy

It’s Chuck Schumer Time

January 30, 2017 CarlHW 0

Thank you, Mr. Trump. A traditional republican president would have done many of the things that Trump is doing. The Keystone Pipeline would have been resurrected, he (and since we are talking about the Republicans, that […]

democratic strategy

Resistance is Not Futile

January 27, 2017 CarlHW 0

We knew on November 8 that the Democrats in Congress would be weak. It is striking to see it in action, however. The only real power they have is in the Senate, where they will cause […]


Democrats Must Make Choices

January 19, 2017 CarlHW 2

On the day after the election, things seemed as if they could either way. Donald Trump could have acted like a president-elect. He didn’t, of course. Coupled with behavior such as flouting ethics rules were […]

Donald Trump

Let’s Talk About Politics

January 13, 2017 CarlHW 0

The Democrats suffered about as thorough and humiliating a defeat as possible. It was complete and dispiriting. So let’s look at the bright side. I am not a total believer in what is below. I […]


A Strange Day — And a Ray of Hope

January 11, 2017 CarlHW 0

Yesterday may have been one of the oddest days in American political history.  The Attorney General-designate, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, spent a good chunk of his confirmation hearing trying to convince us that he is not a raging […]

Barack Obama

The Vital Task of Choosing a DNC Chair

January 6, 2017 CarlHW 1

The most important task the Democrats face in the next month or so is deciding who will chair the Democratic National Committee. This is important for very real as well as symbolic reasons. In the […]